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04 July 2012 @ 08:18 am
Just created a Tumblr account for Yu and Nishiyama Maki!
Feel free to follow if you guys have an account, too~ ♥ CU

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14 March 2012 @ 10:50 am
Today, 14. March 2012, Oguri Shun and Yamada Yu registered their marriage. Omedetou! おめでとう。

At 13 o'clock / 1 pm there was a press conference held with Yamada Yu. (or also Oguri Yu now^^)
It lasted for about 30 min. In the beginning she read a letter by Oguri Shun, her husband, who wasn't able to come by due to work.
Afterwards she answered a lot of questions about their relationship in the past and now, how they started dating, when he proposed (beginnging of March), about her feelings and more. Both are planning to continue with their work. Also there is no plan and time for a honeymoon yet.

Look at the beautiful smiling most happiest woman in the world (+ her ring - she really deserves it)^^:

That's the news so far I'm sure there will be more about the interview later on.

x-post to oguri_shun
I will try to share that video it within a few hours (if noone else does). Now I just feel like dead after spending 2 days awake ... Please bear with me :)
Note: Even though everyone already read the comment of Matsumoto Jun (Arashi), I have to add it, too, since his words are very touching!
I also will add every comment I might find in the future (translated or not!)

Matsumoto Jun (Arashi) - very close friend of Shun since several years
"When I heard the news, I saw you in a glittering light. Oguri Shun is so cool!! I felt really happy when I heard it. May the days the two of you spend together from now on be filled with joy... Your good friends will watch over you closely. Let's celebrate soon!! Oguri Shun-san, Yu-san, congratulations from the bottom of my heart."
translated by unleashthegeeks.blogspot.com

Nishiyama Maki (Model) - best friend of Yu since "Cancam days"
小栗夫妻に たぁーくさんの幸あれ☆☆ (´−`)ノ*゜。゜*

Oguri Ryo (Dés Pierre) - Shun's older brother

Yamada Shintaro (Actor) - Yu's little brother

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31 October 2011 @ 07:29 am
Welcome to Yamada Yu's community on LiveJournal!

Feel free to join ♥